In Episode 74, we are wrapping up our series, Starting and Growing Your Online Course. In today’s show we talk about the biggest challenge when it comes to your online courses. And that is attracting your students and building a healthy community. And to help us get a better grip on marketing our courses, we bring in Troy Dean, founder of WP Elevation, who has been very successful in the online course space. From my own experience, I have seen a lot of people who dive into online courses, build their site, create their content, and then hope for signups. This is where the largest number of individuals hit a brick wall. They can be amazing teachers with awesome content, but they struggle with driving the traffic and signups to their site. Listen to these great tips and insights from Troy on how you can successfully market your online course. We chatted about: At what point in the process of planning your course, creating the content and building the site should you start to seriously think about the marketing side? (Troy’s answer may surprise you.) How to find that sweet spot of when to start marketing and what you should consider when pre-announcing your launch Troy’s
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