Images bring websites to life, so it’s no surprise one of the common questions asked by new WordPress users is: How do I add an image to my sidebar? You can manually add images using HTML code, but many people prefer the more convenient option of using a simple, lightweight plugin to do the work for them. Introducing Image Widget Plus While our classic Image Widget plugin focused on adding a single image to your widget area, Image Widget Plus provides additional options for you to control how your images display within the widget: Lightbox to showcase images by filling the screen, dimming the rest of the page in the background and creating a true focal point for your photo. Slideshow to display images in a series, allowing users to scroll through several photos or graphics without leaving the page. Random Images to give your page a fresh feel by displaying a random image each time the page is loaded or refreshed. Using the native WordPress media manager, Image Widget Plus gives you the power to create widgets to display logos, photos, custom ads, and more. Best of all? We’ve kept Image Widget Plus just as simple and easy to use as possible. Installing & Using Image Widget
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