The first time I met with Alexander Kuczek was through Adam Warner from FooPlugins, a common friend, who introduced us in a lunch we had during the last WordCamp US. Since then, Aleksander was in every event I had attended, so we had the chance to have a few more in-depth conversations and get to know each other. I got to know a super-sharp and very business-oriented guy. Attending conferences & meetups, I get to meet many business owners in the WordPress ecosystem, but the business focus I see in Aleksander is unique and something that I very much appreciate. So, I thought it would be cool to “showcase” Aleksander, since not enough people know him yet, and also pick his brain with WordPress business oriented questions. Can we start by learning a little about you? Do you come from a technological background? How did you get into the field of web-development and websites management? Web development at first was my passion and the way to express myself. Then I learned quickly that there are people willing to pay me money for what I was considering merely a hobby. As the number of jobs was increasing, I started my freelance web development business in 2007. Back then, I
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