Elementor introduces a new Login widget, making it easy to add login forms to any page on WordPress, and design the login form however way you choose. Whenever you create a site which has the options for users to log in, you want those users to have a consistent user experience when browsing your site, including when they log in. This consistent experience involves having a login forms with the same design, the same colors, typography, forms, buttons and so on. Elementor's login widget lets you easily add login forms to any page, and fully customize every part of it: the fields, the button, the messages and the frame. There are many situations where the login widget comes in handy. Some interesting ideas for using the login widget can be: Maintenance mode pages - The recently added free feature of Elementor maintenance mode feature is very handy, but it get even better for pro users, since they can also add login forms to their maintenance mode page. This way you can display the maintenance mode page to your visitors, but still allow them to access the under construction or coming soon site by logging in to their account. Sidebar login forms - The login form doesn't have to be the only
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