WPSass is a simple way to use Sass with WordPress via Node NPM Scripts in SCSS flavor. So, I am working on a WP REST API product launch, for which I had to build several simple HTML pages inside WordPress. All I had to do was compile Sass to CSS. Where I found WPGulp to be an overkill. So, I went ahead and wrote a very simple package for just one thing. Sass to CSS conversion in WordPress development. It doesn’t even use Gulp. Use Sass with WordPress via Node NPM Scripts in SCSS flavor. Use Sass with WordPress, Node Script in SCSS flavor. Make sure you have node installed. If not download and install node. → STEP #1: Install NodeJS & NPM After installing NodeJS you can verify the install of both NodeJS and Node Package Manager by typing the following commands. This step needs to be followed only once i.e. if you don’t have NodeJS installed. No need to repeat it ever again. node -v # v7.10.0 npm -v # 4.2.0 → Step #2. Download package.json Download package.json file inside the root folder of your WordPress plugin or WordPress theme If you have cURL installed then you can run the following command to download it in one go (just make sure you open the root folder
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