Are you a WordPress enthusiast? If you are, then you need to take a look at our new plugin–Nelio Content. There's so many things you can do without leaving your Dashboard ever… Discover them all! Much has been said about the usability and user experience (UX) in the design and development of applications. I’m sure that when using “computing devices” you’ve found systems (or applications, websites, programs, etc.) that were easy to use and others that were very difficult. In the WordPress community we’re very proud of WordPress’ ease of use and congratulate ourselves for it when compared to other platforms with similar purposes. WordPress is much easier to use and manage. Very much! It is so well known that even someone (I haven’t been able to trace the original reference) made the following image where we can see the learning curve of Drupal (perhaps the most common competitor of WordPress) compared to others. And as you see, one of the best systems in this funny comparison is WordPress: However, my experience as a user and developer with WordPress has led me to think that this is perhaps not such a clear topic. Is WordPress really
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