The effect WordPress had on the world of online publishing can not be overstated. The platform has revolutionized the Internet by enabling countless individuals to start their own business and web entities. Loved by entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners, it now powers almost 28 percent of the entire Internet. Yet, while most popular on the small scale, in recent years WordPress has also made strides in the enterprise sector. In fact, we have a whole article on world-famous brands, companies, and celebrities that use the CMS. Users increasingly turn to WordPress even for large projects with sometimes thousands of pages. Yet, is that the right move? Is WordPress truly ready to be an enterprise-grade CMS? The following article will attempt answer this question. We will first define what we mean by “enterprise” in this context and then look into the scalability and suitability of WordPress. Are you ready? Then let’s get right to it. What We Mean By “Enterprise” While people like to use the word “enterprise” freely, it really has no set definition. In the context of business, it usually means large, multinational business entities that
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