I have multiple websites, and I also manage a few sites for clients. “Managing” entails making sure plugin, theme, and core WordPress updates are implemented safely and quickly, that security scans are routinely run, that backups are routinely created, and various other tasks that ensures the sites are up and running smoothly. No Need To Pay Forever And Ever And Ever Site maintenance for more than a handful of sites is nearly impossible without some sort of site management tool. There are several tools in the space, but my choice is MainWP. There is both a free version as well as a premium version that enables a lot of extra functionality. I use the premium version, and I chose the Lifetime one-time-payment feature, because it is by far, the best price on the planet compared to the competition. Instead of paying high monthly fees FOREVER, I paid via credit card, and I’ll have paid off the purchase in a few months, instead of spending the same amount for years and years to come. Ok, so let’s get to the good stuff. What is MainWP good for? Why does MainWP save my bacon* every day? I currently manage 18 sites. That’s a small number compared to many people
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