You may have shopped online many times, chose from hundreds of products and paid using your credit card. If you are familiar enough, you have reasons behind opinions like preferring Amazon over eBay. But have you ever imagined, from where all these products, different pricing, different colors, and sizes are coming from? More importantly, how are all these things are getting managed? People usually create online shops and marketplaces to do businesses like that, then they grow. This industry has boomed because of the low cost of launching and ease of maintenance. It is so easy that even you could start your own version of Amazon or eBay right away. If you are interested in building marketplaces, then there is a reward waiting at the end of this post. Let’s describe the system behind it a little bit. An online marketplace is essentially an ecommerce platform often created by an individual or an organization, where multiple third parties come together to publish products and services for the purpose of selling. Online shopping has grown exponentially over the last decade due to the convenience, simplicity, and ease it provides. Creating an Online Marketplace It is a booming industry,
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