If somehow you happened to have missed the successful product launch of Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes from a couple of weeks ago – just read this to get updated. At the end of the day, after all of the dust had settled and we were happy with the number of new users, I decided to take the time to share the “behind the scenes“ of planning & executing such a product launch in the WordPress sphere. Hopefully, by doing so, all you WordPress makers out there can make use of some of the techniques I’ll mention here for your next launch. It goes without saying that to have a successful product launch you are going to need to have a product, preferably a good one This article is going to focus on techniques that will help you stir an interest and get your product launch noticed in the ecosystem. That said, if you manage to get people absorbed and sign up – you want to be sure that your product delivers value and that they are actually happy using it. Otherwise, all of your marketing work will have been in vain. Now that we’ve got that out of the way and your WordPress product is ready to meet some traffic – let’s look at the ways to
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