During this week, we slowed down a little bit and took some time to celebrate the moment when Profile Builder, our WordPress profile plugin, reached 1 million free downloads. It’s time to celebrate together! – A million thank you! To say the least, we are pretty excited to reach this milestone. And it’s all thanks to YOU. Each one of you that found Profile Builder useful, used it for his projects and recommended it to someone, helped us reach this milestone. Some time ago, we celebrated together with our friends from Cobalt Sign, a mobile development company that celebrated 1 Million Downloads for their successful app, Ready Set Holiday. And by monitoring the free downloads of our products, we identified a constant growth into Profile Builder’s free downloads, in the WordPress plugin repository. After that, we started to monitor the growth on a daily basis, to see how much it takes to reach the 1 Million Downloads mark. We realized that Profile Builder is quickly approaching the same number of downloads and it would take us three – four weeks to get there. That was the moment when we decided to organize a community party and show our gratitude to our friends
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