Did you know that we're only three people here at Nelio? And, yet, our posts are pretty cool, huh? That's because of our new plugin, Nelio Content! Do you want to use it too? Last weekend I was out to dinner with some friends and I told them some good news: I’ll be talking on Contributor’s Day in WordCamp Europe 2017! This news was received with a huge toast (and a hangover next day) because they know how important for Nelio is to participate in such an event for the second time. We love being part of the WordPress community and sharing our experiences and learning from the very best is an honor Anyway, following this news we started to talk about WordPress, WordCamps, and WordPress-based businesses like ours—what WordPress is, how one contributes to the project, what the community is and how one becomes a member… That sort of things, you know? The discussion was… quite interesting, I’d say, and I think I was able to answer all their questions (I even convinced them to create a WordPress blog with Nelio Content ). One of the most interesting questions they asked was: You have a blog with no ads, just to talk about WordPress and let people get to
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