Weglot, a multilingual plugin which has been in the WordPress market for a little over a year, has closed $450K in seed funding from SIDE Capital. Co-founder Rémy Berda reports that there are now more than 10,000 websites using Weglot and the company has passed 30K€ in monthly revenue. Over the past six months Berda and his small team have been working to add improvements based on user feedback. Weglot will now detect a visitor’s language and automatically redirect to serve the translated page. Weglot users can also connect with Textmaster‘s marketplace to order professional translations through their accounts. The support burden has also increased from 10-20 emails per day to more than 80 per day, challenging the small team’s resources. “Over the past few months, we started to be overworked by the amount of support or the number of features we wanted to add to the product,” Berda said. “We got a bit frustrated not to be able to improve the product as we wanted to through lack of time. So we understood that if we wanted to keep growing at a fast pace, we would need to scale up our two-person company and raising money was the perfect way
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