The web has gone global! So why is your site a monoglot? That is, why is your site in only one language when there’s a whole world of Internet users out there? In this post, I’ll be reviewing Weglot, a plugin which offers up a chance to make your WordPress site multilingual without investing dozens of hours into translation. Like any WordPress translation plugin, Weglot helps you translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. But it comes at this angle in a different way than the WordPress translation plugins you might be used to. That is, Weglot gives you options. If you just want a quick translation, Weglot can use machine translation to automatically translate your entire site with just a few clicks. Then, if you want a more refined approach, you can always go in and: Manually edit translations Order professional translations Of the translation plugins I’ve used, it’s definitely the easiest way to translate your site (though not necessarily the cheapest). And that ease of use plays a big factor in why Weglot recently raised an impressive €450,000 in seed funding. In my Weglot review, I’ll show you exactly how this nifty translation plugin
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