Speaking of which, we too want to look into all that craze, but do so in a bit different manner – by showing you the new stuff in action. And “in action” is the keyword here. What follows is our run-through of all the new features coming in WordPress 4.8 + how they actually work: TOC: (By the way; earlier this year, we published a roundup post titled, Our Hopes and Fears for WordPress 4.8. It’s a compilation of answers that we got from the community during the last WCUS 2016 in Philadelphia. Wondering how much of the community’s hopes and fears have been addressed in the new WordPress? – check it out.) Here’s the most exciting stuff coming in WordPress 4.8 1. New and improved text widget Like it or not, the current default text widget in WordPress is not the most useful thing for the regular user. It supports only raw text (or HTML code) and gives you no formatting tools at all. The new text widget is set to change that with the inclusion of (nearly the same) visual editor that we’re used to from the post/page editing screen. Quite similarly, you will be able to switch between Visual and Text when editing widget content. And, yes, you
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