I get painted as a bad guy a lot. I’ve been called names, everything you can think up. I’ve had my gender, sexuality, appearance, and ability all mocked and derided. And most of this has happened since I took up the role of a volunteer in WordPress. Creation, Editing, Fitting In As a writer, which is how I’ve always seen myself first, I’m used to the ruthlessness of the editing process. I’ve seen papers torn apart and painted red with corrections and commentary. Why this? What are you saying here? I understand the reason for ripping apart creativity to find it’s heart and crux and meaning. Art for the sake of art is different than art for the sake of consumption, after all. But instead of a career in the arts, or journalism, I had a different path. Out of college I went to work for a bank and quickly learned how to fit myself into the cog of a machine. I had a role and a life that did not encourage innovation and uniqueness, but that of interchangeability. And in that work, I began to understand the reason for patterns and the similarity. I’ve always been fascinated by patterns. I liked to see how the number went from 09 to 18 and 27 and obviously
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