What Is Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is an incredibly fast, open-source, distributed, and highly-scalable solution for managing your searchable content. Elasticsearch can scale up with your site, because of its distributed architecture. This means that as your site grows, Elasticsearch grows with it; and it still provides performance benefits. One of the main advantages of Elasticsearch is to offload search to a separate service, which saves valuable server resources for your site. Why Use Elasticsearch? WordPress’ built-in search is not optimized on sites that operate with heavy search use or complex searches. That’s because WordPress’ search works by matching full sentences in post titles, any/all search terms in post titles, and full sentence matches in post content. It relies on MySQL and does not support complex relevancy calculations or advanced filtering. More complex queries also have the risk of utilizing significant server resources. Benchmarking Setup: VVV2 Vagrant box with test site Elasticsearch Vagrant box – base setup with only one cluster WordPress version 4.7.3 with ~24471 posts ElasticPress version 2.4.1 to integrate WP queries with ElasticSearch
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