Dev Chat Agendas | Dev Chat Summaries | Jump Starts | Dev Notes | Field Guide | All Posts Tagged 4.8 WordPress 4.8 will be the first “major” release of 2017 and generally aims to refine existing features and set the foundation for the Gutenberg, the next-generation editor. Additional specific goals include the TinyMCE inline element / link boundaries, new media widgets, WYSIWYG in text widget, and the WordCamp / meetup dashboard upgrade to the “news” section. Matt Mullenweg is the Release Lead for 4.8. Of note, WordCamp Europe will be from June 15-17. This tends to involve travel for a number of people and reduced activity; therefore, we should proceed as if there will only be the initial Release Candidate. The feature project merge deadline listed is a final deadline; all features and larger efforts should be continuously evaluated for readiness. Release Schedule December 7, 2016 Trunk is open for business. (Post-4.7) May 3, 2017 4.8 Kickoff meeting. May 10, 2017 (+1w) Last chance to merge feature projects. May 12, 2017 (+2d) Beta 1. From this point on, no more commits for any new enhancements or feature requests in this release cycle, only bug fixes and inline
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