I was a college teacher for most of my life. When my fourth baby arrived, I gave up a travel-heavy university job and took a “mommy job” as a bookstore manager. I chose books, held teacher workshops, and read stories to children for 15 years. As the internet became important, we put up a website and I became the manager of that site. 18 months later, the bookstore’s owners went bankrupt and closed the store. My initial reaction was, “They can’t do that – we’re #2 on Google!” We’d also gone from zero ecommerce sales to $5,000 a month. We had visitors to our blog from 192 different countries. Online, we were a success. But it was 2008, and lots of small businesses were going under. Lots of people were unemployed. I was unemployed for the first time in my life. Being #2 or even #1 on Google had a different meaning in those days, before customized search results. For me, it meant that I had become skilled with SEO and content marketing, but I figured I’d have to return to the classroom when my job ended. “We couldn’t have done this without you,” the owner of the bookstore said. “There are other businesses
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