About three years ago, I wrote a post for Torque titled “Yes, You Really Can Use WordPress To Build Apps.” In 2014, this was an emerging idea, but now it’s done quite often. The WordPress REST API, as well as a shift in how we think about WordPress, has contributed to this change. At LoopConf this year, Ryan McCue, the co-lead developer of the WordPress REST API gave a talk called “Next Generation WordPress.” He said that we’ve gone from the WordPress as a blog, to the WordPress as a CMS, to the WordPress as a platform era. It’s a great talk, you should really watch it on YouTube. In the talk, Ryan talks about the need to prioritize developer experience. In general, WordPress core decision making is driven by a user-first approach. Decisions are made based on what will benefit users. And that’s great. WordPress is always going to be driven by platforms like WordPress.com or StudioPress.com that serve bloggers and SMB who need a website that just works and those who create similar experiences on self-hosted WordPress. This is an example of how WordPress is being used in nontraditional ways. Here’s the thing. I’ve been one of
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