7 years ago, I’ve spent around $200,000 on a product that never took off. That was my own money, earned from outsourcing, and I’ve learned some expensive lessons down the road which I’d like to share with you today. Here’s how it all usually begins... Finding the product/market fit is very hard You’ve got an idea for a new online business, you’ve set aside some money and you are eager to get started. But how can you maximize your chances of succeeding with your new venture? How can you avoid the mistakes I made without squandering a fortune and actually get nothing in return? There are many things you’d need to get aligned before you’ll have a successful business backed up by your website. When we talk about complex websites that power your business, one of the most important things here is to find the sweet spot within: What website features your market needs What website features you think your market needs How much you can afford to spend on building the key features of your website For example, if we talk about an eCommerce website that sells air cleaning devices, you might want to answer questions as: Does your market require a product
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