Your website launch isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the start. Here are the 14 things you can’t forget to do after launching a new WordPress site. Your Post-Launch Strategy Most of us get super excited when it looks like we’re close to launching a new WordPress site. After all, weeks or months of work has gone into it and when you see the finish line, it’s an exciting moment. But for non-developers, the launch is really when the work really starts. There’s so much to do that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So what I wanted to do today is get you my list of the most important things I think you need to take care of, after launching that site. It’s my 14-point plan, and I hope it helps you. 1. Let your whole team know Years ago we were working on an online SaaS for corporations where they could let their employees purchase mobile phones. It was an awesome product and we were really pleased with the work we’d done. So pleased that we worked all night and into the next day before one of our launches and then when it was live, we went to bed. The one thing I forgot to do was let my partners on our exec team know that it was live.
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