What is my qualification? We have a software company that sold WordPress themes worth more than $1 million and created websites worth more $0.5 million for our clients. I will be brutally honest and share our internal company know-how with you. Other developers won’t tell you this, because they would dig their own grave by doing it. 90% of WordPress themes won’t meet the important requirements below. So if you want to save your time and hundreds of dollars when finding the right theme, continue reading. What is your goal when selecting a WordPress theme? If your immediate answer is “beautiful website”, congratulations, you are at the right place. Your priorities are not set right and choosing poorly can be devastating for your website. In fact, you want a website, that: Will work reliably for at least 3 years you can’t afford to re-do your website every 6 months Can be updated smoothly you can’t afford to have your website crash with every update Can be easily changed in the future you can’t afford to switch to a new theme because your old one is not flexible enough to make any change you will want down the road Is fast and SEO optimised you
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