Because of its incredible popularity as a platform, WordPress enjoys a sizable, generous community of users that spend their time sharing information, resources, tips and insights with other WordPress users online. Understandably, online security is at the forefront of concerns for many site owners, and a lot of the online conversation about WordPress centers around the best ways to keep your site safe from hackers and security breaches. Despite the best of intentions from most users, there are a few myths surrounding WordPress security that persist and spread like wildfire, even if the recommendations they make don’t do anything to keep your site safe. 1. Moving or Hiding ‘wp-admin’ Will Stop Brute Force Attacks Brute force attacks occur when malicious bots hammer your login pages over and over attempting to guess your username and password in order to get admin access to your website’s back-end. From there, they can lock you out, compromise your data and deface or even take down your website. Most commonly, these bots try common usernames like “admin” alongside tens of thousands of passwords, hoping that one of them will work and allow them access
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