Last year, I wrote a post called “16 Technology Tools Your Nonprofit should be Using in 2016.” As we’ve continued to refine our process over the last year and a half, this article will update on the technology tools Beat Nb uses, and my recommendation on the technology a modern mid-size nonprofit should be using. A smidge of background – I was a CTO and technology entrepreneur for the last 17 years or so, and am now full time in the nonprofit world working on beating cancer for kids. The quick list of what we use: Slack – team communication (with so many integrations!) Here’s the details around each decision, and how we use the products. Cost: $50/mo+ depending on # of contacts (we pay $300/mo) Pros: powerful CRM with deep integration ability, great customer service Cons: pricey depending who you’re comparing to Kindful is the hub of our donation / donor tracking. We keep a record of every donation made to Beat Nb here. We’re able to easily pull up any donor to see their entire donation history, as well as perform advanced reporting. Some things we use often include running reports of who are first time givers (they get a separate handwritten
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