The tweet that started it all i'm curious to know: if you have a disability, what's the hardest thing about browsing the web? rt for visibility, please and thanks! — Safia Abdalla (@captainsafia) June 3, 2017 In this article I’ll summarize and group the main topics that people bring up in the thread. But do click on the tweet and read through all the answers. It’s an awesome read for anyone interested in making the web a better place for all. And, in my opinion, a far better place to learn about accessibility than reading any checklist or standard. Lack of captions Videos without captions (subtitles) was by far the obstacle that most people commented on. Here is what a few had to say: Being deaf, got to say captioning videos is number one issue for me — Jay Jackson (@jjackson) 4 juni 2017 Video/audio with no captioning or transcript. — Katelyn Reilly (@k_hack) 4 juni 2017 I’m hard of hearing so big pain for me is video with no captions. tweet or article just says “can u believe he said this?” & no summary — Carol Carpenter (@carolmcarpenter) 3 juni 2017 Also, my sister says that she hates it when she comes across videos that
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