Season 4 of AMA has been eventful as always. Thanks to all of you who participated, and created a lively and warm atmosphere on for the previous 13 Wednesdays. This season we had a great line-up of influencers from all over the world, who shared with us both their personal and business ideas. Here are some of the best bits. Most comments on season 4 Right at the top are Carrie Dils with 62 comments and Adam Warner with 75. Both Carrie and Adam did a great job keeping up with all of your questions. Here are a few interesting things we found out about them. Carrie spends a lot (like a lot) of time on Google Drive, she loves English period dramas like Downton Abbey, the best part about podcasting is talking to smart people (the worse editing), and she finds teaching the most effortless. Adam has been on the road almost every weekend (apart from 3) since January. When asked between Star Wars and Star Trek, he said “Star Wars would be my choice. The reason is because I also believe we’re all connected universally and “The Force” makes complete sense to me“. And he believes that the biggest threat to WordPress is also its biggest benefit, and that’s
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