These past few months, we’ve been hard at work. We’ve been planning an informal meetup of our European team at the WordCamp Europe, our startup retreat…and a new version of WP Rocket! We are proud to introduce WP Rocket 2.10, or as we know it internally: “la deux dix” (which is the French way of saying “the 2.10”. Our lead developer and proud Corgi owner Remy has a few surprises in store! This new version of WP Rocket comes packed with exciting new features and some notable enhancements of existing features. Before we go any further, the entire WP Rocket team would like to thank our dedicated team of Beta testers. Their feedback is vital to help us work out some bugs. Easy WordPress Caching You will find a revamped settings dashboard that aims to simplify WordPress Caching setup. We’ve rethought the user interface to help our users save time. Improving the user experience is one of our top priorities. WordPress caching isn’t rocket science so we’ve made some changes to ensure that the WP Rocket’s setup would be streamlined and easier than ever before. WP Rocket And Google PageSpeed Insights Although we’ve clearly
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