Remote work is awesome but navigating the workplace when your office is the ENTIRE WORLD can definitely be a struggle.The good news is there are plenty of online collaboration tools that fill the gaps that remote work creates. As we’ve built WP Site Care over the years, we’ve tried lots of different online collaboration tools. It took quite a while, but we’ve finally settled on a software stack that works well for us. We’ve been through dozens of tools and while some of them have been awesome, plenty lots of them have sucked. Or at least they’ve sucked for our specific needs. That’s probably more accurate. In this post I’ll show you the collaboration tools our team uses to get work done and keep customers happy. Choosing the Best Online Collaboration Tools One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as we’ve tried different products is that tools are… just tools. It sounds obvious, but I I’ve definitely been guilty of googling for an answer before I knew the problem I was trying to solve. Ask some questions before you start looking for a tool: Where is work getting stuck? Why is the current tool frustrating? What’s
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