I interviewed Evan You, the creator of vuejs.org which is a popular progressive JavaScript framework. Evan works on Vue full time with the funding from the Patreon campaign. Previously, he worked at Google and Meteor. This article was originally posted on Between the Wires, an interview series featuring those who are building developer products. Tell us a little bit about your childhood and where you grew up. Okay, so I was born in China, my hometown is called Wuxi. It’s a medium-sized city, which is right next to Shanghai. Actually, I went to Shanghai for high school for three years and commuted back and forth. After high school I went to the US for college. I guess I got early access to computers, but I didn’t really get into programming too much. I was more interested in games, and I did play a lot with Flash when I was in high school, because I really enjoyed making those interactive storytelling experiences. What was your first programming experience? “I was attracted to JavaScript because of the ability to just build something and share it instantly with the world. You put it on the web, and you get a URL, you can send it to anyone with a browser. That was the
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