When you start planning your next WordPress website, you should take stock of what your peers are doing. Reviewing example sites will help identify nonprofit website trends, common navigation and layout patters, and inspire us to aim high! Since I build WordPress websites for lots of nonprofits, I hear what sites people like and want to emulate. It’s surprising how often the same few, big-budget sites come up. Reacting to these websites will always be a critical part of planning a site, but it’s also a process that can lead people astray. When looking at sites, don’t just take in the visuals. Make sure to consider the audience, goals, and budget of the sites. Choose your role models wisely! Does your nonprofit website serve the same audience? The needs of your visitors should drive your website’s design and content. So if you’re an association of trial lawyers, will the design of a site targeting young environmentalists make sense for your organization? Probably not. That’s an extreme example, but it’s surprisingly easy to look past important differences between your organization and another when you’ve come to review a homepage layout.
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