This is version 1 of the software. Please don’t hit us with a bad review, but we’re very eager for your feedback in the support channel. In the coming weeks and months we will: Replace the QR code (current version) with a “Keyy wave” – an animated barcode which was a loved feature of Clef Launch a single-sign on feature, so logging into one site with Keyy logs you into all sites on that device Announce many more soon! It replaces typing usernames, passwords and the usual two factor tokens with a simple cryptograph that users sync to an app on their mobile phone. It makes logging in both incredibly safe and unbelievably easy. Keyy instantly boosts user account security and protects the site. Everyone wins, except for the hackers! The threat of hacking has never been stronger, and it’s constantly evolving in both scale and sophistication. There’s a bewildering array of online security solutions and best-practices out there. The trouble is, most of them have flaws and loopholes that criminals are always looking to exploit. What’s more, implementing them is a pain. Who wants to remember yet another password? And who wants to go fumbling about
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