One powerful feature of peer-to-peer fundraisers is the ability to allow your volunteers to create their own branded fundraising pages on your website. You can do this — for free — with Give and Caldera Forms. But First, Why? The power of peer-to-peer fundraising is in getting your volunteers and/or audience to be excited about your cause, and empowering them to raise funds on your behalf. Instead of you and your staff constantly reminding people why they should give to you, you allow others to tell a story of why they are invested in and passionate about what you do. In many ways, it’s a compelling validation of your cause others might receive much more genuinely simply because the plea came from someone who is not paid to be excited. But what about the “how”? Conceptually, what you need is a form on your website that will create a draft of a Give form. Forms creating other forms — sounds funny right? But in Give, a form represents a campaign or fundraising drive. This tutorial will show you how to let supporters of your cause suggest a campaign and by doing so, create a draft Give form that will be used to raise money for it. It might sound complicated,
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