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Dealing with travel visas can always be a little difficult, but it was still a surprise when WordCamp Europe attendees were getting their visas rejected specifically because of the event’s low entry fee.

We cover the organizer’s response and interview Muhammad Adnan, who had hoped to attend WCEU, but was disappointed to find out his Visa would take 6 weeks to approve.

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We are a few days away from the beginning of WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris, France. While most attendees are just now packing their bags for the trip, a few registerants are still stuck in limbo about whether or not they’re travel visas will be approved by the French government.

One of the key goals for WCEU organizers was to keep the costs low to and make it easy for attendees from all over the world to attend. So it was a shock when the WordCamp organizers began to hear that some attendees were having their Visas rejected specifically because “a 40€ entry fee can not justify international travel”.

In response, the WordCamp Europe organizers wrote a letter to French President, Emmanuel Macron, bringing the situation to his attention and asking for his help in making sure anyone who wants to attend WordCamp Europe can make it in.

As of this video, the organizers have not heard any official response Macron and aren’t sure how many attendees have run into this particular visa issue.

We reached out to Muhammad Adnan, a lead WordPress developer at WPBrigade about his experiences in trying to get a Visa approved for from Pakistan to France:

It’s hard to tell how many attendees might not be allowed into the country due to Visa issues, but WordCamp organizers say they’ve heard already from at least ten attendees who’s Visas have been rejected, with a few more still being processed.

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