Happy Elemento-versary! It's been a whole year since we launched Elementor into the world. Yesterday we started our birthday sale, offering 25% off all Elementor Pro plans, including upgrades. Before we start our year in review, I invite you to visit our Pro page and grab your copy before the sale ends. I can still remember the buzz we felt back when we launched. This first year has been ever so amazing. We have released so many new features, overcame so many obstacles, made so many friendships... It's been quite an experience. It's easy to take everything for granted, but the fact is that the course Elementor took has been a very fortunate one. We are very grateful for how things turned out. This is why I wanted to take the opportunity to look back and recall the major milestones that were significant to Elementor's success. Elementor's launch seems like a distant memory now. The unintentional Product Hunt launch, the mentions in WebDesingerDepot and Codrops... I think initially the WordPress community didn't know what to think of our unknown crazy company. "Who do you think you are, wanting me to entrust my entire site design in your hands?" I'm sure that was a thought that
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