If you are not using Cloudflare’s free service then you are missing out one of the easiest ways to speed up and protect your website. Cloudflare offers a Global CDN network of over 115 data centers worldwide. This means the fastest speed you can get without paying anything. Each free account comes with limited DDoS protection, the ridiculously fast global CDN, shared SSL certificate, and three page rules used to define how you want to leverage Cloudflare for your site. Signing up for Cloudflare is simple and intuitive so I am not going to add any filler to this article and show you how to walk through their setup wizard. If you can’t do that, then you probably are not ready to do much of anything else. But once you are inside Cloudflare and your domain’s nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare, then you are ready to get going on configuration. The Cloudflare Plugin The great developers at cloudflare have built an awesome plugin that will help pre-set some default settings automatically to your account. I recommend installing the plugin and activating “Apply Default Settings” to start out with. We will make some slight changes to these settings to bring even
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