Heading to WordCamp Europe in a couple weeks? New to Paris? Check out the WCEU Paris Guide App, created by the team at Worona. The app contains daily event schedules, restaurant recommendations, places of interest, and more.

The app is free and available on both iOS and Android.

Daily schedules

Once you open the app, you’ll get a short description of the event as well as location information. This is your go-to page if you’re looking for the conference center. However, the main feature of the app is the daily conference schedules. If you can’t get on Wifi, you’ll have names of speakers and their talks already loaded on your phone.

However, the main feature of the app is the daily conference schedules. If you can’t get on Wifi, you’ll have names of speakers and their talks already loaded on your phone. Use the hamburger menu in the top right corner to navigate to other pages. Click on the name of a talk, and you’ll be taken outside of the app to the WCEU website.

The app didn’t forget about Contributor Day. Go to the link, and you’ll find a map to the building as well as a schedule complete with room names.

These are the three pages you will most likely be using the most, though there is information to help fill your time off.

Tour Paris

Being in a new city can be intimidating, especially if you don’t speak the language. Worona CEO, Pablo _____ lived in Paris for a year, and offered his advice on restaurants, bars, museums, and more.

Find suggestions of great places to eat, drink, and experience with the remaining menus. Choose “More Info” and see a description of each destination written by the Worona team.

A resource

The team came up with the idea after WCEU 2016 in Vienna when they saw the giant Wapuu. According to Reyes Martinez, Marking Specialist for Worona, “We thought it could be a good idea to make something special for this WCEU. Then Pablo, Worona’s CEO, who lived in Paris for one year, came up with the whole idea of creating a mobile app to provide practical information about the city (where to eat, what to visit etc) as this was something we missed last year in Vienna.”

After the initial discussion, the team was able to pull the app together very quickly.At first, we had in mind more ideas for the content and it took us about 2-3 weeks to get everything organized and create the blog,” Reyes said. “Once the blog was finished, we automatically turned it into a mobile app using our platform and submitted it to the app stores, which takes a few days to be approved.”

Due to time constraints, the team was only able to offer the app in English.

What could this mean for WordCamps?

This is a great resource for anyone headed to WCEU, and would be useful for WordCamps in the future. One of the hardest things to keep track of it the schedule, and having that at your fingertips without needing to rely on wifi is a game changer.

It’s also invaluable to anyone who is new to the city they’re visiting. Though there are plenty of websites and people that can help you find your way, having it all in one place gives you more time to wander around and less time googling.

“One of the things that we love about these WordPress events is their cultural diversity. You meet people from all over the world. We believe this can be a good idea to bring out the host city of each WordCamp or meetup, as well as to make it easy for the attendees to find where to eat or what to visit in their free time,” said Reyes.

You can download the app for free for Apple or Android.

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