Is the Gutenberg editor what WordPress wants to be in the future? As you probably have noticed, a lot is going on at the moment and it seems WordPress is slowly trying to reinvent itself. While this is great and surely necessary to make it future proof, it also raises some questions and concerns. Does WordPress development go into the right direction? Is it clear what WordPress wants to be? Or does WordPress even have a marketing problem? The Gutenberg approach and what users really need The most exciting WordPress news in 2017 is Gutenberg – the brand-new editor which probably will ship with WordPress 5.0 and which currently is available as a plugin. It’s great to see that the editor in WordPress will be updated after all those years. However, the Gutenberg approach also raises lots of concerns amongst developers and confusion about what WordPress wants to be – to say the least. There recently have been lots of posts on WP Tavern about Gutenberg and this seems to be the hottest topic in the WordPress community at the moment. While most people agree that WordPress needs to evolve, there also are disagreements of how this should be done. Today I stumbled upon a comment
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