WordPress has been praised for years as an easy to use content management system. This was not only because of its famous 5-Minute Install marketing slogan. However, currently there are voices expressing that WordPress is rather difficult. It’s even getting to a point where major parts of WordPress are being reinvented. But is WordPress difficult to use? Let’s try to find out! Gutenberg – an approach to make WordPress easier WordPress 5.0 will possibly include the new Gutenberg editor (currently available as a plugin). The Gutenberg editor claims to make WordPress easier and more beginner friendly, while making WordPress future proof and ready to compete with Wix, Medium, Squarespace or else. At the moment Gutenberg is being discussed rather controversial, since it will heavily change the way WordPress is used today. Gutenberg may possibly even replace widgets or shortcodes, features that are being used on millions of WordPress sites. Instead the new editor provides a way to place and arrange blocks of content through a single interface. It’s hard to describe, you need to test it yourself. Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of the WordPress project and CEO of Auttomattic,
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