This is the speech I wrote for the session I hosted at WordCamp Kent on Saturday, June 24th 2017. *Note: This is a transcript of my session so it reads from the perspective of me speaking to an audience rather than being formatted specifically for readers of my blog. I will however be releasing a re-written version of this post soon so if you’d prefer to read that instead then please sign up for my newsletter. Good morning… Thanks for coming out so early to share an hour of your Saturday with me. I’ve been to my fair share of WordCamps over the last year and I know these early sessions aren’t always the easiest to make it to (or at least they aren’t for me), so thanks again for coming out so early. Now, before we dive into this session, I’ve got a couple quick announcements to make… First off, we’ve got a lot of information to cover here today in a short amount of time so I’d like to ask you to please hold any questions you have until the end. I’m optimistic that we’ll have some time left over for Q&A here, but if we don’t then please feel free to send me an email, or if it’s a short question shoot me
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