Hello, I am Matt, a freelance WordPress developer with years of experience in WordPress development. I have worked with WordPress projects of all descriptions. I have always wanted to build a digital agency that would provide great value to all the clients. Like all dreams, this was fascinating and very vague. In order to convert it into a reality, I had to start my own WordPress freelance career and slowly build it into an agency. I have kept my code writing skills very up-to-date because I knew that they would be my go-to tool for achieving my dream. Here I would like to clarify an important misconception about freelancing. Many people still think that freelancing is a not a real career like an employment. In fact, a freelance career is more challenging than an office job because a freelancer is often a one-man army who has to take care of several things simultaneously to ensure the successful continuation of the freelance jobs. In a nutshell, freelancing is as much challenging (if not more) as a regular office job! Now when I decided to go freelance, I already had a good position in a great organization as a Senior WordPress developer. The role included significant elements of training
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