Any technical error that occurs on your website can be scary, but the error establishing a database connection error is among the scariest. That’s because this error blocks access to your entire website and replaces it with a blank screen that simply says error establishing a database connection in bold, black text. But what exactly does this error mean and how to fix it? Solving this issue can be tricky. This is because it can be caused by a number of different things, so it can require a great deal of troubleshooting. If you’re a developer or even an experienced WordPress user, you won’t likely have a tough time figuring out what’s causing this issue. If you’re a blogger or business owner in charge of running their own website, don’t worry. We’re going to walk you through the process of figuring out what’s causing the error establishing a database connection issue on your site. Let’s get started. If you’re an experienced developer, feel free to skip this explanation, and head to the what causes this issue and how to solve it sections instead. We’re going to briefly explain what a database is so general users can have
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