Does WordPress get on your nerves sometimes? As a website development platform, WordPress is an awesome solution for businesses. After all, sites are scalable, robust, attractive, and fairly easy to use. Even so, WordPress can make even the calmest business owners shout “WHY?!” Click To Tweet Take me for example. The other day, all I wanted was to fix the spacing on my site’s footer. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the text to wrap correctly. No sooner did I get the line spacing right in the Text Editor when I’d pop over to the Visual Editor to make another change. Of course, I’d lose the spacing updates that I made via the Text Editor. The spacing was a mess all over again. Infuriating! The “Visual Editor versus Text Editor” issue quirk is one that WordPress users everywhere have come to accept (like a callous on your big toe!). And, it’s not the only one! Can you relate? If yes, you’ll love this list of 26 irritating things about WordPress and how you can fix them TODAY. New to WordPress? Feel free to use this list to inventory things you might want to fix when you embark on your new WordPress site. 1) Username
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