Google officially announced that Google Chrome will automatically block annoying google ads from 2018. How to make effective Google ads that Google will not block and also to get the high conversion? That is what we are going to see today. Some of you who are up to date on the technology news might know that Google has combined with Coalition to make better ads without annoying the user experience. How will this affect a marketer or a site owner? How Google’s Auto Adblock Affects Frankly speaking, it is not going to affect the marketers and the website owners, the impact of this is going to be a big benefit. Google is trying to provide more accurate and appropriate ads to the users. As the relativeness of the ad is going to be high, the engagement rate is also going to be better. As a result, better income for site owners, better leads and new customers for the advertisers. While making this I thought to search for how much a blogger can earn from ads? I found this review from Dennis, actually, he wrote the review for WordAds (like AdWords for anyway the result he says is obvious for any website owner in any platform. Here is the result what he shares As you can
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