WordPress is today powered by 28 percent of the entire internet. What started as a blogging platform is now used to power everything from The New York Times to Beyonce.com. From enterprise sites, to personal blog, portfolio, and beyond, WordPress is used to build dynamic digital experiences.

The International WordPress Awards (IWP) aims to honor the best WordPress sites online today. Backed by WordPress agency Pragmatic, the International WordPress awards is a community project that aims to showcase the best of WordPress.

According to Founder and Director David Lockie, “We are pushing the boundaries of what people thing is possible with WordPress in terms of technology and solving problems.”

About the awards

International WordPress Awards, which is a non-profit organization, is working to celebrate the greatest achievements of WordPress.  It will run virtually for one year, during which anyone is open to nominate an outstanding project. It is entirely free to enter.

The awards have the support of the WordPress Foundation, and sponsors such as Codeable, Automattic, and WooCommerce are already on board. Along with the category winners, one project, company, team, or freelancer will be awarded the Innovation award.

According to the website, “With the help of our amazing sponsors, we’ve raised a spectacular $30,000 to be awarded to one outstanding submission that demonstrates excellence beyond any doubt and in turn contributes towards the benefit of mankind through digital innovation.”

This prize will be awarded to an outstanding WordPress project. The winner will be selected by an individual panel of judges who will comb through the submissions to find the most innovative. The panel will create the criteria by which they will choose a winner, and the community will then vote on what to keep.

Nominate your favorite project

The team doesn’t want to do it alone, and is looking to the community to find the most interesting projects from around the world.  Nominations are open to everyone — agencies, site owners, bloggers, and others can submit their favorite projects.

Each project will be sorted into one of categories that have yet to be determined. The winners will then be voted on by the community, so everyone has a hand in celebrating important WordPress projects.

“The roadmap for the IWP Awards and Innovation Prize has yet to be established, we are approaching this as a community project, so it didn’t seem right to try and impose our views on what the awards should look like and in what direction they should go,” said Simon Cooke, Marketing Director of Pragmatic. “My hope is that we can create a place where excellence and talent in our industry is celebrated, somewhere we can all use as a resource for inspiration. The most exciting thing is the uncertainty of the future, and I’m thrilled to be part of something that could bring our international community closer.”

IWP is a community effort and as such is looking to the community to help shape the awards. Over the next few weeks, IWP will be making decisions on categories and submissions criteria and the panel. For now, you can register at International WordPress Awards for further announcements.  

Marie Dodson

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