We have a few slogans here for Caldera Forms. One is “a different kind of form builder.” We use that because Caldera Forms wasn’t created as a copy of the established patterns of what a WordPress form builder does. It’s been exciting to see so many users fall in love with the Caldera Forms way of doing things, and humbling see some of our bigger competitors borrow some of our innovations. Two years ago, we didn’t see grid-based form builders and visual conditional logic creation in the Caldera-style like we do today. We also say that Caldera Forms is more than a contact form. We are acknowledging that in addition to contact forms, Caldera Forms is being used for lead generation forms, list building forms, single-page checkout forms, and more. All of these forms are about getting the right information from the lead or customer and putting it into a format that is useful to you. That’s the most important part and the part that is, in many ways, hardest to improve in a WordPress plugin. That’s why today we are announcing Caldera Forms Pro, a new service to make Caldera Forms notifications more awesome. Most of the time that means an email, so we’ve
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