Is the WordPress economy hurting? Shrinking? I don’t know if you have heard this from folks, as you’ve been talking or thinking. Maybe you run an agency that focuses on WordPress websites and you’re starting to hear folks talk about, “We’re getting less leads. There’s less folks who are asking for our work.” You wonder, is the WordPress economy shrinking? I mean, is it something like we’ve kind of hit the pinnacle and now it’s starting to fall off? Or is something else going on? Well, I think the reality is there are several things going on all at once. Things are moving in-house On the one hand, up market, and we knew this was going to happen: companies that are realizing that they’re spending a lot of energy and effort on WordPress are going to start bringing people in-house. So you see publications like The Wire Cutter or organizations, large ones like Disney, who start bringing in staff. Five years ago they had no one that did anything with WordPress, and today they have a team, right? You go, “Well of course they would have a team. That makes sense.” On the high end of the market you see some constriction.
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