In one last big Spring clean before Summer officially comes around (omg where has the year gone!) Jetpack 5.0 brings several bug fixes, small enhancements, and polish to your WordPress sites. Cleaner code, faster execution We’ve shipped several small improvements to how we handle API requests as well as how we sync data back to our servers making the processes more secure and robust. We’ve also removed deprecated methods and refactored some of our front end code resulting in cleaner code and faster execution. Stability and compatibility We’ve included lots of fixes from simple alignment issues on the front-end, to gracefully avoiding unnecessary warnings, to better compatibility with Facebook’s CDN and third-party plugins. We also fixed yet another PHP 7.1 compatibility issue with Social links that was causing fatals. WordPress 4.8 compatibility The release of WordPress 4.8 is right around the corner, and we’ve made sure that this version of Jetpack is fully compatible. One new feature coming in WordPress 4.8 is a brand new Media Widget similar to Jetpack’s. This version of Jetpack will automatically update your Jetpack Image Widgets
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