Added framework for notices and implemented publishing and saving ones. Implemented tabs on the inserter. Added text and image quick inserts next to inserter icon at the end of the post. Generate front-end styles for core blocks and enqueue them. Include generated block classname in edit environment. Added “edit image” button to image and cover image blocks. Added option to visually crop images in galleries for nicer alignment. Added option to disable dimming the background in cover images. Added buffer for multi-select flows. Added option to display date and to configure number of posts in LatestPosts block. Added PHP parser based on PEG.js to unify grammars. Split block styles for display so they can be loaded on the theme. Auto-focusing for inserter search field. Added text formatting to CoverImage block. Added toggle option for fixed background in CoverImage. Switched to store attributes in unescaped JSON format within the comments. Added placeholder for all text blocks. Added placeholder text for headings, quotes, etc. Added BlockDescription component and applied it to several blocks. Implemented sandboxing iframe for embeds. Include alignment classes on embeds with
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