I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the growing team at Pagely. Starting today, for the first time in ten years, I have to report to someone — this guy. While the decision wasn’t easy at first, the more I talked to Sean about this role, the more I opened up to the idea of this new challenge. After all, some of the best chapters in life come from the biggest changes we make. Let’s get the big heavy questions out of the way first: What’s up with this podcast? What about Conductor? The studio, and so on? Future content? Slocum Studio The team remains dedicated to servicing existing clients and new small businesses, looking for a hand in WordPress development. Over the last year, the team started to structure more formal offerings & support for those seeking guidance on their content marketing efforts as well, a focus for the team as time moves on. So after 10 years, why the change? If you’ve ever run a boutique agency, with 5+ people on payroll, you know the challenges all too well. With every hire comes the need to find new business, or focus on largely profitable projects. It’s very much like getting in the ring with an opponent
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